Campaign common good!

Together from lack to abundance

For the Common Good!

Manifesto for the Transition into

the Age of Common Good and Plenitude

by Michael George in June 2012

This appeal is directed to all people who are unhappy with the present conditions on this planet and wish for fundamental change. This manifesto shall contribute to encourage, support and foster all those endeavours that are led by a common goal – namely to be conducive in lastingly improve the living conditions of the majority of the inhabitants of this Earth and to offer them help for self-improvement so they may lead an existence fir for human beings.

Today around seven milliards people live on this planet. Of those seven milliards around five milliards are living under conditions that are marked by poverty, hunger and disease. Most governments of this world support economic and social systems that advance the deprivation of the many and support and strengthen the superabundance of the few. Whether democracy, dictatorship or despotism – all forms of state have in common that they guarantee the spread of deficiency for the many and the concentration of wealth with the few.

If this world should not plunge into an abyss of misery, it will be necessary to set such a course that realigns the way of humanity afresh.

We deal here basically with nothing less than the transition from the age of deficiency to an age of abundance. This is the transition from the epoch of egotism and greed to an age of Common Good.


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