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VII. The Relation Between Women and Men

All over the world patriarchy – the dominance of men – is harking back to auf traditional roots stemming from the religions as well as from clan traditions. This patriarchy has sufficiently proved its inability to gain cultural maturity. All nations in which patriarchy and lordliness remain unbowed show mass poverty, lack of education and social blight.

In those countries that are believed to be relatively advanced more and more women conquer even the highest leader positions. Yet these women see themselves in a cultural environment in which the contradiction between the capitalist economic system and the democratic demand persists.

And so it is up to the women of this world to further develop the inherent inclination towards welfare to reach the active role as pioneers towards a culture that sees the Common Good and autonomy as the self-evident basis of social togetherness.

The men of this world retain the task to dismount from the high horse of patriarchal lordliness and encounter the women of this world at eye level and with the appropriate respect.

This leads to the following aims:

  • Unconditional equality between women and men
  • Determined overcoming of patriarchy and lordliness


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