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II. Drastic Improvement of Food Supply

When five years ago the poor of this world in Southeast Asia, Africa andLatin Americahad to spend about half of their meagre income to feed their families, they are forced now – in the years 2012 – to spend 80 to 90 percent just for staple foods like rice. This development will continue. For it is the cold-hearted greed of speculators at the worldwide food exchanges that has created this situation and will exacerbate it when these goings-on are not curtailed.

This is compounded that at this time a multitude of groups of speculators all over the world buy up immense areas of arable land – at the detriment of the local population who by this find it no longer possible to grow grain.

In the sector of food production certain multinational concerns extend their influence on all continents. Typical is here the appropriation of monopolies with patented grain types. A few decades ago a small portion of the grain harvest was used as seed for next season, with the new and patented hybrid varieties this is no longer possible. The farmers are dependent on these monopolistic providers and are forced every sear to buy their seeds. And the prices thereof constantly rise.

From this stem these main targets:

  • Sufficient nourishment for all people
  • Boosting research for more effective food production
  • Reclamation of arable land at the edges of deserts
  • Cooperative cultivation of arable land for regional requirements
  • Prohibition of any speculation with staple foods
  • Ban on any acquisition of arable land for profit maximisation
  • Ban of production of hybrid monocultures held by monopolistic concerns


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