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Michael George: A Testimonial

This testimonial shall, as is the norm, be helpful by giving some autobiographic data. I am born in 1943, began in 1963 my training as an editor and have been working for decades as a journalist, author and researcher. I conducted studies in differing fields. 1990 I finalised my project work on a study on basic cosmologic questions with the book Tao and Einstein. In the principle of central effect (Zentralwirkungsprinzip) developed therein gravitation and thermodynamics are for the first time united, and this principle is valid for the simplest atom as well as for a galaxy.

Ten years later the book The Celestials and their Children was published (in German only: “Die Himmlischen und ihre Kinder”). It is based on studies from around fifteen cultural areas leading to the qualified deduction that the “Gods” of antiquity were real and living beings who introduced a system of authority and control on all continents. This with those results we today experience in full bloom: affluence and prosperity for the few, poverty and deprivation for the many.

Since the middle of the 90s in the last century I carried out research into alternative energy production. Today I can say that I have discovered several practicable ways to produce electric energy beyond wind, sun and water.

The simplest device is an inertia generator whose principle of function is around 5’000 years old and comes from ancient Arabia. This purely mechanical generator is what in any customary definition represents a perpetual motion machine of the second kind: After applying an initial starting energy the apparatus runs continuously “under its own power” and in addition does useful work by driving an electric generator. This device is very simple and can be built even in only basically equipped workshops in towns and villages of the Southern hemisphere where such devices are most needed.

The magnetic generator I also developed is also such a self-propelling device. This magnet generator is exclusively equipped with permanent magnets. These are placed in such a way that an energetic balance is impossible and the device will run continuously after having received the initial start-up energy. It also can drive an electric generator. This magnetic generator is of a simple design too and can be offered and acquired very cheaply when produced in large series.

Finally I have designed an electric motor/generator that with an equal power consumption achieves a 150 percent higher torque. If this electric motor is used combined with the magnetic generator it may procure vehicles, ships and aircraft with an well-nigh unlimited range. Apartment houses as well as commercial buildings will thus after a short time for amortisation become perpetually electrically self-supporting.

Foir the last twenty years I have been practicing in the area of energetic therapy. Here I was able to acquire a plethora of experiences that finally allowed me to develop and employ several novel therapeutic methods. There is more: These applications are all devised in such a way that they act as prevention but also – in the case of an illness – allow clients after a short briefing to do the further treatment themselves. For our body and its attendant energy field develop significantly more healing powers than classic medicine is even ale to discern. In my latest book Ethischer Kodex und Goldene Haltung (Ethical Codex and Golden Comportment) I present the entities belonging to every human being who activate and amplify the person’s inherent healing powers.

The results of my life’s work so far I happily set at the disposal of all people who employ their power to at long last make this Earth into what human beings always dreamt of and really deserve: a planet on which life will truly be worth living for women and men, for old and young. And the transition from the era of deprivation to an epoch of plenty shall be a collaborative effort that applies the Ethical Codex in a spirited way and once and for all makes the superseded right of the stronger a thing of the past.

Michael George, Summer 2012

Michael George was born on May 14th, 1943 and passed away on July 15th, 2015.

Thank you very much for your work for humanity!

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