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IX. The Ethical Codex – Compass of the Constitution

Humanity on this Earth needs an Ethical Codex, on which all cultures together can rely and which all people may evoke. Presently a mighty minority claims the freedom to do everything that leads to an increase of their wealth at the cost of general public. But this leads, as global conditions show, to the deprivation of the many. Freedom must therefore reach its limit where the freedom of others is impaired. Therefore we present here the Ethical Codex whose content exactly represents what we generally describe as consciousness.

These are the words of the Ethical Codex:

  1. Love and respect your neighbour as yourself!
  2. Be ready to offer help at any time!
  3. No officer or functionary is place above his or her neighbour!

These three ethical imperatives not only find in most people an “inherent” resonance in their conscience, they also obligate to accept personal responsibility for the Common Good. Autocratic lordliness must make way for a co-operative togetherness. And this social consensus is supported by personal qualities that we may describe with these virtues:

  • Autonomy
  • Upright gait
  • Contact at eye level
  • Personal commitment to the Common Good

In the long term the Ethical Codex shall be anchored not only in the constitutions of all nations, but above all in a future World Constitution. This necessarily demands a restructuring of the organs of the United Nations organisation: Transformation of the General Assembly to a World Parliament based on “One Country, One Vote” that in turn will form a Word Council from among their ranks. The members of the World Parliament as well as of the World Council shall be highly respected personalities who previously have amply shown their commitment to serving the Common Good.

  • The Ethical Codex – the Basic Concept for Future Constitutions
  • A World Constitution as Model for National Constitutions
  • Formation of a World Parliament and a World Council


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