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IV. Guiding Principles for Education

A large part of humanity can neither read nor write nor count. In this way, these people are cut off from elementary cultural assets. This deficit may only be lifted through a strong international movement that provides means as well as the qualification to convey reading and writing and the four basic modes of calculation operation to people on this earth living in underprivileged areas with low education.

What is lacking in areas of low education in this world is in advanced areas a cultural obligation. And still we experience here in the schools a pressure to succeed that an increasing number of pupils are unable to cope with. Where erstwhile colleges and universities flourished as free places of research and learning, today we encounter a hitherto unknown level of school regimentation.

At schools of general education as well as colleges and universities a spirit shall return that gives independent thinking, sagacity, the aptitude to solve problem as well as the work in project groups precedence to crammed knowledge. The most important rank, however, belongs to ethical education. For the future of this humanity depends on the fact that an ethical disposition and the orientation on the Common Good disarms those powers that now are in the course of throwing this planet into ruin.

In this way the following guiding principles apply to education:

  • Reading, writing and arithmetic – the Three R’s – for all people on this Earth
  • Priority for ethical education and orientation towards the Common Good
  • Advancement of independent thinking, of strength of judgement, of problem solving and project work


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