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VIII. Man shall be the Guardian of Earth

In their handling of Nature the patriarchy has all over the world left a trail of destruction.Mesopotamiaonce was a prospering landscape. Today this historically distinct area has been largely desertified. About 12’000 years ago – at the beginning of the youngest geologic age –North Africawas a blooming garden. Today this former Nature paradise carries the name of a famous desert:Sahara

Everywhere on this planet deserts are expanding, and the cause is always the same: destructive exploitation and thus an irresponsible treatment of Nature.

We see similar occurrences in the great rain forests of Earth. Multinational concerns clear ever-increasing areas of tropical rain forest in order to use the “freed” land for the cultivation of inferior monocultures. Day by day the Green Lung of our planet is dwindling.

The same applies in the exploitation of raw materials. First and foremost it is the multinational oil conglomerates that pump the petrol reserves from the ground without considering the consequences in the least. Who had looked at theNigerdelta saw a poisoned, desolate stream landscape showing all the markings of an end time scenario. And the long-term damages caused by the oil multi BP in theGulf of Mexicocannot yet be fathomed.

And when we balance benefits and liabilities of the more than 430 nuclear power stations worldwide, the result shows that the detriment largely exceeds their use as electric utilities. The great nuclear catastrophes inChernobyl(1986) andFukushima(2011) demonstrate with tragic clarity what damage to life and environment, what havoc is wreaked by an out-of-control reactor.

And even more: The total mass of the provisionally stored radioactive waste so far already exceeds 300’000 tons. The half-life of the highly radioactive decay products is known to be many billion years.

There is no safe storage for these dangerous products anywhere on this world that would protect man and Nature against the radiation. It is simply unacceptable that the legacy of a fundamentally dangerous technology is imposed on the future generations.

This unscrupulous exploitation and contamination of our planet must be curtailed. In this area especially all people beholden to the Common Good are called upon to get active. People must understand themselves as guardians of Earth who protects flora and fauna rather than destroy them by overexploitation and environmental devastation.

  • Man shall be the guardian of Earth
  • Ban on logging operations and clearances by international concerns
  • Every felled tree must be replaced by replanting
  • Quickest possible deactivation of all nuclear power stations
  • Forced introduction of electric drives – drastic reduction of the demand for nuclear power, oil, gas and coal


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