Campaign common good!

Together from lack to abundance

Donate and Help

With your donation the following actual projects will proceed faster::

Technical projects – Energy for all

Your contribution will be used for the development of electricity-producing devices independent of power grids

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Well Project

In Uromi, north-east of Benin City (Nigeria), we are building a well.
Your donation will speed up the project.

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Become a sponsor and support a child who needs your help.

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Become a Member/ Register

The yearly membership fee is CHF 150.– (CH) and € 100.– (DE and AT). This sum may also be paid monthly with a standing order of CHF 12.50/€ 10.

To be a member means to support the operation’s activities actively and constructively – to bring in ideas to advance Operation Common Good! and to co-determine – to participate at the yearly meeting of members. All costs to run the group, the website and other expenses are borne by the members with donations and work. Your donation is used exclusively for the intended purpose!

For further information please contact group members directly.

Donation accounts Switzerland – please state chosen purpose-

Raiffeisenbank Thalwil

Aktiongemeinwohl Schweiz

8134 Adliswil

IBAN CH96 8149 0000 0020 0661 1

PC-Nr. 30-416677-4


Bank-Clearing Nr. 81490


Post Finance

PC-Nr. 60-394487-5

Aktiongemeinwohl Schweiz

8134 Adliswil

IBAN CH36 0900 0000 6039 4487 5



Donation Account Austria – please state chosen purpose

Owner: Christian Gartner

Austria: Erste Bank

IBAN: AT372011129260899800


c/o Aktion Gemeinwohl


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