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V. Guiding Principles for the Health Sector

The modern health systems in the relatively prosperous countries are about to be completely taken over by profit-oriented concerns. Both the hi-tech medicine and the pharmaceutical industry dominate patient care. Hospitals are increasingly managed as profit oriented economic companies that see the bed-ridden residents less as patients than as clients. Since most patients are not really healed, they must perpetually resort to those mostly overpriced medications that the pharmaceutical industry offers them to maintain a phantom state of health.

In the poor countries, however, treatment of the sick covering demand is mostly impossible. Thanks to charitable NGOs the sick there are at least sporadically provided for.

The rich and the poor countries of this Earth both need a health system that is organised as a co-operation. In this way only, profiteering may be banned from the health system and patient-centred care seen as a natural service to the sick and those in need of help.

In all health centres that subscribe to the Common Good, a multitude of alternative energetic applications shall be practised that heal and do away with the ingestion of chemical products.  The human body has much more self-healing potential than the disease industry suggests. There is a plethora of purely herbal preparations in which it is the natural combination of active substances that prevents any of the dreaded side effects.

And finally it is one of the foremost tasks of any sustainable health provision to advocate the advantages of a mainly vegetarian alimentation that maintains the acid-base equilibrium. Once this is assured, most illnesses like high blood pressure, obesity, heart attacks, strokes or diabetes will be things of the past.

In this way, we get the following guiding principles:

  • Health centres – no infirmaries
  • Co-operative organisation of health prevention and health care
  • Energetic healing methods – furtherance of the body’s own healing powers 
  • herbal preparations – vegetarian alimentation


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