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VI. Public Affairs

A mature culture is marked by the fact that its citizens create their community autonomously. This is well nigh impossible in despotically dominated countries. Yet even such “advanced” cultures likeCanada,Scandinavia,Australiaand Western andCentral Europeare showing a serious basic contradiction. This basic contradiction is evident in that the political landscape is dominated on the one side there by a profit economy, on the other by a party system that understands democracy – meaning rule by the people – as the delegation of power to a caste of professional politicians. In this way democracy becomes the magic cap for a system that incessantly supports an economic order that fundamentally undermines the interests of the Common Good.

A mature and responsible culture must therefore adopt a system of autonomy that is totally committed to the Common Good. The more the citizens of a culture are actively participating in this common task, the more the parties that more often than not represent the private interests of pecunious groups become superannuated.

From this we get the following target values:

  • A mature culture is based on autonomy
  • Autonomy aims to protect and increase the Common Good
  • The basis of an autonomy geared to the Common Good are people who adopt personal responsibility and feel committed to the Common Good and the underlying Ethical Codex


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